Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I pack?
A: We have prepared a packing list to provide general guidance on important items to bring.

Q: What is the Chinese currency?
A: It is Yuan or commonly called RMBs (Renminbi).

Q: What is the best form of money to take?
A: The currency from your home nation is best. For example, if you are from the USA, US dollars are the best form of money to take and then exchange it when you arrive in China.

Q: How do I exchange currency?
A: Most hotels have currency exchange or a nearby bank will be able to change your US dollars to RMBs.

Q: How much money do I take for incidentals?
A: This depends on how much shopping you plan to do. We suggest that you have at least $100 dollars cash and a widely accepted credit card in case you want to spend more or have an emergency.

Q: Are there some basic language skills I need?
A: There will be translators provided for your trip but it is a nice gesture to know a few basics in Chinese to greet the people. This is a link to some Chinese phrases for travelers:

Q: Do I need to have any particular vaccinations?
A: No vaccinations are specifically required, but it is a good idea to be up to date with your tetanus shot and is advisable to have the Hep A/B series.

Q: Are there any social norms to be aware of?
A: There will be a briefing when you arrive in China but you certainly may search the internet for information before you go.