Trip Overview

Bibles for China is delighted you are considering becoming a Bible Distribution Team Member! Following is a brief overview of the trip:

  • You must apply and be accepted for the trip.
  • In 2016, tentative trip dates have been set for June, August, September, October and November.
  • You must have a current passport. The expiration date on your passport must be at least six months after your scheduled entry date into China.
  • You are responsible for raising the funds to cover 1,000 Bibles. Bibles for China will assist by mailing Support Letters to your potential donors.
  • Each trip lasts 7 to 10 days from the port of departure to China and back.  There are approximately three days of travel, four days for distributing the Bibles and returning to the city of departure,and three days of briefing and touring on the front end or back end of the trip.
  • The cost of the trip is to sponsor 1,000 Bibles. Bibles for China covers travel, hotel and food from the port of departure to China and back. There will be expenses in China (shopping or other incidentals) that Bibles for China does not cover.

This trip takes months of thoughtful preparation. Please read the Apply, Financial Prep and Spiritual Prep sections very carefully. In addition, we’ve included a FAQs section which has additional information about traveling to China. If you have any questions about the Bibles for China trip, please contact us!